be an artist or not to be

Achieve artistic merit requires tons of work and talent, not only to believe in oneself or love what you do: the desire and impulses serve little when self-training and technical or theoretical basis just remain mere notions.

Zarathustra, the memorable character created by Friedrich Nietzsche, commands his disciples who stoned and then leave once their season has ended mutual learning with them. Imposed this measure because he fears violent apprentices too cling to the words of the master course and take it as the only way, the only truth; because he knows that deep down if not untie ties with the tutor, with police knowledge, never be able to make their own way in solitude and personal search.

The response of the disciples is predictable: do not listen. Neither stoned nor leave. Zarathustra ends up fleeing.

All teachers should have pedagogical relationship as Zarathustra, who not infallible authorities are created, and students who were not dependent or subservient. Unfortunately in real life this is not always the case. Those who claim to teach seldom provide tools to make an autonomous path. Most of those receiving suggestions, advice understood, teacher, afraid to controvert learning and to undertake own course because it is painful, because it can fail. And we are in a society of people forced to success: no one is permitted to err or make attempts many times.

These deficiencies are daily bread in the corporate world, something even accepted, almost normal. However, when they appear in the arts become aberrations that hurt.

The visual artist Marina Abramovic gives a number of tips or advice for young artists in a very popular video:

His patronizing and sugary speech can be summarized as: believe in yourself, love what you do (something be all that), failure is an opportunity, if you want to excel you have to be like me.

These words are a double-edged sword. For succeed and be an artist are not ideas that are carried very well; know those dedicated to art seriously, no applause, acknowledgments are minimal, poor remuneration. And because achieving artistic merit requires tons of work and talent, not just believe in yourself, and love what you do; the desire, impulses serve little when self-training and technical or theoretical basis just remain mere notions.

You also have to see who imparts that weak chair. Abramovic is a professional and scandalous performance art, much of his work is supported by media coups. If art is reduced to attract attention, Marina Abramovic would already be the most important artist of all time. Now it is a person and feel you must advise. He has every right. The unforgivable is the illusion, cheating, underlying his exhortations. As if Zarathustra wanted to stay among his disciples to let them tasks, to keep them from self-knowledge and to remind them that being an artist is simply love being an artist.

Contemporary arts are full of enthusiasts who applied successful formulas, old ways copied by other routes or insist on politically correct conventions. Disservice Ms. Abramovic makes you who intend to scrutinize unknown territory, because ultimately if we talk about art nobody has the final word, and no one can teach something where right all are and remain intentadores eternal apprentices.

The Colombian poet José Manuel Arango said it best, with the simplicity that characterized him:

No way, said the master.
And just in case there was a way
no one could find him.
And if perchance someone finds him
I could not teach it to another.




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